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Thank you for booking your Raw Ebike Adventure. There are a few things we need to know to make the most of the day and ensure your safety.

First of all please sign the below e-waiver link. This is so we have all your correct details to hand and an emergency contact number.

Sign Waiver

Please also fill in this brief questionnaire so we can make sure we have the most suitable sized bike and best route planned for your ability:

Please enter your group reference here (if known)
(if not sure please give your height below)
Size DOWN for more Manoeuvrability / Size UP for more Stability
Please be aware for larger groups of 6 or more, we may use a mixture of MTB & Gravel e-bikes to fulfil requirements.
You don’t need to be super fit to ride an eBike, with their different settings of assistance we can adjust for most fitness levels, we do however need to know if you have any medical conditions that might effect your ability to ride off road for a sustained amount of time.

Thanks for your information, it all helps so we can make sure you have the best ‘Raw E-bike Experience’ and we look forward to seeing you soon.

The Raw Bike Adventures Team.